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Do I Need Counseling?

Making the decision to come to counseling is not easy.  We understand this and are here to support you through this process.   Individuals, Couples and Families seek counseling for many different reasons. Whether you have experienced a major life event, the loss of a loved one, a difficult childhood or other trauma; counseling can help. Maybe you are overwhelmed with stress, lack self-confidence, struggle with depression or constant anxiety, feel irritable or angry, or struggle in your relationships; counseling can help.

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What Can I Expect from Counseling?

Many people are anxious about their first appointment and are unsure of what to expect.  Our goal is to help you feel as relaxed and comfortable with your decision to come to counseling, as you will feel in our office.  Our Clinical Director, Caroline, has created a short video to help ease your anxious about your first appointment and the counseling process.